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Hair Goals

Ashley's Story

Professional Stylist And Image Consultant 

Crowned Exotic Hair Studio was founded in 2015 by Houston's master stylist Ashley Hogan.  Ashley's passion for hair supercedes most and it shows in her work! Ashley believes that every woman should feel beautiful and sometimes that confidence starts with a day at the salon! Ashley grew up shampooing in her grandmother's salon before extensions were popular so her expertise with healthy hair care maintenance is a plus! Ashley created the Queen concept to empower women through a single visit at the salon. She is building a brand that women can fall in love with and embrace a new empowering sister circle! 

"Some women put others down to make themselves feel good, 

My assignment from God is to lift them up and define their Beauty and that's what makes me feel good!" Ashley Hogan



Appointment Cancellation Policy

A notice of cancellation must be placed at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. Otherwise, you will be charged: 

> 50% of the service price for late cancellations 

> 100% of the service price for 'no shows'